Working From Home: 🔥💻

My journey on this path to extreme speed began when I was 13 years old, staring at the flash player loading the speed dial. Ever envious of other people in neighboring towns getting upwards of 12mbps, I began my speed hunting journey.

Now, during the largest Working From Home experiment the world has ever seen - we are all facing the same issues

  • Low bandwidth
  • Intermittent connection problems
  • Availability of high bandwidth connections

To solve this problem, an iterative approach to purchasing networking equipment, NBN and mobile broadband as well as broadband plans.

Current state
How to guide
What did not work

Current State

Network Equipment

How to Guide

What did not work

Future Improvements

edit protocols static
set table 11 route next-hop
set table 12 route next-hop

edit firewall modify balance
set rule 25 action modify
set rule 25 description 'Streaming Traffic to WAN1'
set rule 25 protocol all
set rule 25 state new enable
set rule 25 application category Streaming-Media
set rule 25 modify table 11

This block of code attempts to configure pbr (policy based routing) for the Ubiquiti Edge Router X

Network config

2x routers just balancing internal network

Connect to a Switch to allow local Switching

Configuration of the PRIVATE_NETWORKS to make sure it's routing properly

Plan to force SSH traffic onto the static IP

Otherwise, a multiconnection VPN or similar would allow aggregation, but the overhead is too high

Incoming server requests need to be coordinated with a Dynamic DNS to programmatically update the ip routes it can point to. Using CloudFlare since it's free, can set them up as round robin or as failover. Route53 is the same, we can setup a policy to failover if it dies, which is the most important. Additionally, we can setup even more resources in the cloud env

High level sections



Pinging faster for network quality

Changing the splits (smarter round-robin)

Getting the fastest speedtests

Huawei B181 pecularities - finding that there are several issues with the longer cables. Why? Measuring stats of dropped packets

Carrier Aggregation Tips

Why is this even possible?